Full transparency: Our payment system

How we can pay our freelancers 100% of their earnings, as well as an
unconditional bonus, on every job.

While most freelancer marketplaces charge 20% commission on whatever a freelancer makes, introu is rather different. , meaning that their hard work is rewarded in full.

We feel strongly as a company and community about not hoarding our freelancers’ money and talent. We are always looking to redistribute and decentralise — whether that be to our freelancers or partners — and do what’s best for those who trust us with their work and careers.

For a freelancer, that means keeping all of your earnings and receiving .

For a partnered business, that means you receive a fee whenever your clients use our platform to outsource.

We want to cut out the middleman and allow our freelancers and businesses to put all of their budget into the incredible work that our freelancers deliver, continue to upskill and outsource. Here’s a breakdown of how we’re able to redistribute and decentralise finances.

How our payment system works

A company pays introu, and we will pay our freelancer. Instead of taking commission out of what the freelancer receives, introu takes a 10% fee from the business.

Of this 10%, 4% goes to the Partner, for example the co-working space that a particular business belongs to, or an agency that has given a business access to an introu freelancer. 5% goes to introu, so that we can continue to invest in our innovation and R&D. At the moment, introu is exploring options such as building a cryptocurrency exclusively for freelancers across the world and improving our technology, to host consultations across the world within the metaverse, making the most of virtual and augmented reality.

introu then gives the remainder of its fees back as a bonus to our freelancers upon completing a job.

If you would like to learn more about our unique formula, or research and innovation at introu, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are a transparent, responsive and friendly team that puts its members and their core values first.



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