introu Consultations — Siobhán Lynch x Gorillas

Here at introu, we take pride in our success in helping freelancers to find the right clients and helping businesses to find professionals freelancers. We’ve been cogitating over how we could best share some of our cooler success stories and decided that the best way would be to tell you about some of the awesome members of our community and how they successfully used the introu consultation system to improve their business. For this, the first in our series of member profiles, we interviewed Siobhán Lynch, a Reading-based photographer and designer, to ask her about her recent success in finding a new client through deft use of the introu Consultation system.

How did Siobhán first come to use introu?

Siobhán had been working as an in-house photographer for talent agencies and interning at the De Montford studio, a coveted position at her university, before deciding to launch her own photography business in 2020. As a gifted photographer with a talent for networking, she quickly found work with independent brands and models. Like any freelancer, Siobhán needed freelance work and the chance to meet the right clients. Therefore, she joined introu to kickstart her freelance career.

Siobhán embraced the introu community: joining the Slack group, regularly attending monthly introu community events and keeping her availability for meetings and consultations regularly updated.

What was Siobhán’s experience with introu Consultations?

Siobhán’s strategy of keeping her availability up to date bore fruit when she came to the attention of , one of the businesses using introu’s platform to search for freelancers. Work.Life are a serviced office provider who facilitate many of the needs of their business residents. One such need was a photographer for the launch event of one of their residents, a grocery delivery service called . Work.Life approached Siobhán, using the introu consultation system, to book her for two hours as the Gorillas event photographer. All were highly impressed with Siobhán’s keen photographic eye, professionalism, and general work ethic. So when another of Work.Life’s clients, , asked if Work.Life knew of any good photographers for their corporate away day, Work.Life did not hesitate to recommend the talented, diligent photographer they had used before.

Where is Siobhán now?

Siobhán’s freelance career has gone from strength to strength. From a coveted internship at her university to a successful photography business in Reading, she continues to pursue her passion and business, which now includes a variety of Work.Life clients. You can find her on the introu platform and book for a consultation, to gain a similar experience to Gorillas and Eve Sleep.

This sounds amazing! I wish it happened to me!

Well, it can! If you’re not yet a member, you can join introu . And if you’re already a member, make to sure to follow Siobhán’s lead in making the best use of the IntroU platform: make yourself available for consultancy hours, join the slack community, and try to come to our monthly events (Currently hosted in London and New York). We’d be happy to meet you, and we hope that one day we can share your success story too.



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